Okt 022014

Letztens hab ich doch dieses großartige Kartenspiel Grass-The Game wieder in die Finger bekommen!
Als ich diesen Jutesack in Händen hielt, fiel mir wieder ein, dass ich ja mal vor geraumer Zeit eine kleine JavaScript-Anwendung geschrieben hatte, um das Punktezählen zu erleicherten. Mein Freund Gunnar hatte dazu das Grafikdesign gemacht.
Die Domains grass-calculator.com und grass-kalkulator.de hab ich schon vor Jahren gelöscht, aber die Sourcen der Website lagen noch auf meinem Homeserver rum: und die möchte ich euch nicht vorenthalten!

Hier also der Link zur letzten Version des Grass-Kalkulators, entstanden am 3.August 2000… Ja, Javascript ist das Assembler des Web! 🙂


< 30kB of data at all!
optimized for 800×600
Cross-Browser v4.x,IE5,NS6 & Cross-Platform

Ich habe 2005 für Neil aus Australien eine Anleitung (Scan) im Netz gefunden und diese könnt ihr hier runterladen:

Have fun!

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  1. dem geht! viel Spaß beim posten… have fun!!!

  2. nee – ehrlich ma; coole site!! – design super – funktionen sensationell – coooole idee!!!
    greetings, MB

  3. The calculator is great.
    But now all my friends would like to buy a set of the cards.

    Can you tell us where to go on the net?

  4. Grass is the best card game I have ever played in my whole life.
    I got the game and played it with my friends and they loved it too.

  5. das tool läuft sogar auch Plattform- übergreifend auf dem Mac (getestet auf System 8.6 und 9.1)

  6. This is a great game,everyone loves it.Best card game we have ever played.
    Where can I find more games?


  7. hi grasse grasser, findisch total grass das spiel. 😉

  8. Great game how do i buy!

  9. how do i buy it?

  10. Hi there grassers!
    Normally you can use the banner above to buy a set of the cards, but it’s sold out for months now…
    Sorry for that, it seems there are some problems but I don’t know the reasons either…

  11. sceptical at first, but had a great time playing and will sure to play again soon.


  12. grass is available again! so check out the banner above…

  13. cool it’s always difficult to count the money when you’re stoned.


  14. Until now, i thought we were the only ones who posessed the game, yes it is brilliant!!!!

    ps. you can get it at „wellcoolstuff.com“ :o)

  15. chill site visit this too http://communities.msn.com/longscoffeeshop

    korn 2001

  16. Fun Fun Fun


  17. i love your site

  18. I’m fairly new to the internet scene but I found just what I was looking for!
    Your site ROCKS!!
    I love the game grass it pretty hard to find her but it’s bedome a ritual card game for me and a group of my freinds.
    Jus t wanted to say Thanx it’s a great game!
    Katy Brown Muskegon MI USA

  19. I am trying to find somewhere to buy the game.

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  21. this is a sweet site.

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  29. this game is toit

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  32. Was für n Kalkulator?
    wenn ich auf deutsch klick kommt nur n bild und sonst nüscht

  33. fuckin love da site some good games…
    n e chicks wanna talk email me

  34. The Grass Game is Great!!!
    There should be ab online version!!!

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  39. This program sucks fix it!


  40. I want to see your website

  41. NICE ONE

  42. why cant i see this thing, only the banner appears!!!!!!

  43. Can someone please send me a copy of the rules.
    my mate gave me the game without instructions and my mates are an argumentitive lot. Instructions will allow them to focus on more important things

  44. If u have difficulties to see the kalkulator, please post your browsertype and -version and the operating system you use…
    otherwise it’s impossible to fix bugs!

  45. Yo brothers!
    Good site 😉
    Thaks 😉

  46. Hello, my name is baltazarand i like you site!

  47. ITS GOOD

  48. hello

  49. Sorry!
    The guestbook will be closed now due to spam attacks.
    If I’ll find some time I try to fix this problem with a new and secure one.

    Many greetings, merry X-mas and a happy new year to all of you.

  50. Finally!

    After nine years (yeah… damn fast!) I’m bringing back the grass calculator online.
    I hope you’ll still find it useful.